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Fri, May 06 2011
Follow Me...

"Follow me" are the words Jesus Christ spoke as He called His disciples as He called into His ministry. "Follow me" are the words He speaks to our hearts when He calls into His salvation. Following Jesus Christ is more that trailing beside Him or taking a walk with Him, but it is our actual involvement with Him in living a Christian life.

Follow means to be "engaged in" and as we follow Jesus Christ we are to be engage in Him. This means, we are to make all efforts to grow in Him, to love like He loved, to live at peace in Him and with our fellow men. We all are to be engaged in the "works of the ministry." True followers of Jesus Christ, will pick up their crosses and follow Him.

Are we followers or we just taking a walk? Hear the words of Jesus Christ, "Follow Me."

Mon, Jan 17 2011
It has been said by many...

It has been said by many, that "God keeps doing great things for me...".  I come to a point in my life in Jesus Christ that I can share these words with all my heart.

God has been good to me in every part of my life and I am so thankful.  I know for myself that the goodness of God is real!

This is just my though for today, "God keeps doing great things for me."  Thanks Lord, thank you.

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